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Spring Update – April 2020

Harvesting update:

We are currently harvesting in the Emory Drainage at 4km off of the Forest Service road. We are also currently harvesting in the Silver Skagit, off the Eureka Forest Service Road.

Planting Update:

We have started our planting program for our 2019 harvested areas.  We have planted EM013 block in the Emory Drainage and are now waiting on the snow to dissipate to plant the other 3 blocks in the Emory drainage area.  We will also be planting in the Nicklemine drainage when the snow subsides.

Planning Update:

We have new blocks that we are working on in the planning process, NM003 is near completion in the Nicklemine Drainage and SL015 is near completion in the Silver Skagit.  We are currently looking at the American drainage for future volume.

BCIT tour
BCIT tour
BCIT tour


CLCCF hosted BCIT on February 14th, for a woods tour.  The students were able to see the grapple yarder working up close and personal.  Representatives from Probyn, Chartwell, and Tolsons were there to provide the students insight into Log Markets, the planning process, as well as the harvesting phase.

CLCCF would like to thank Probyn, Chartwell, and Tolsons for providing their time and their expertise to the tour.  It would also like to thanks BCIT and the their students for taking an interest in Cascade Lower Canyon Community Forest.


CLCCF is working with the Ministry to develop a Public firewood permitting process that would provide the local public to access its waste wood after harvesting is complete. Keep an eye on CLCCF's website for updated areas open to the public for firewood.


CLCCF is working with the local recreation user groups and the Ministry to establish a “Interpretive Forest” designation over the its tenure area. The designation of an “Interpretive Forest will provide more control and faster process for Local user groups to manage for important recreational infrastructure,  an Interpretive forest will also allow for a safety standard to be applied to all trails being built under the Interpretive forest."

In the meantime CLCCF is working with the Pathway Partners and the Local Mountain bikers to develop new trails and a staging area near the “Core”.  Formal designation is also being applied for these trails, as we wait for the Interpretive Forest designation to be approved.  This an area that is found within one of CLCCFs new harvest areas.  CLCCF hired a professional trail designer to design a trail system can accommodate all skill levels of interested mountain bikers as well as hikers. It is hopeful this will also create nice walking area for the local residents.  Please see CLCCF’s interactive map for more details on the planning for block SL015.

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